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Collective Investment Trusts (CIT's)

Collective investment trusts (CIT’s) have been the fastest growing investment vehicle within 401(k) plans over the past seven years according to DST Systems and Cerulli Associates. CIT’s have been in existence for decades but were mostly only available to large and mega-sized plans.  However, increased CIT transparency, improved reporting capabilities, enhanced awareness, and continued fee litigation has increased sponsor’s willingness to use CIT’s in plans of all sizes.


CIT’s are similar to a mutual funds in their structure, asset class, and style capabilities, but they are limited to retirement plan use only and they typically cost less. Through our alliance with RPAG, we are able to offer plan sponsors CIT investments that are managed with a high degree of care, wisdom, and  cost reductions creating a win-win situation for participants and sponsors alike. Our CIT investments are managed by top-tier asset managers and are available at substantially reduced costs. 

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