Fiduciary Compliance

ERISA is largely about process, process, process. The portion of ERISA that is not about process is about documentation and proving that you completed the items required in a prudent, competent, and consistent manner. We are passionate about helping sponsors achieve fiduciary compliance in an efficient and manageable way.


Through RPAG, we have access to an ERISA compliance team that is comprised of formerly practicing ERISA attorneys. Our “Fiduciary Fitness Program™“ solution thoroughly outlines plan management responsibilities, uncovers potential gaps in ERISA responsibilities and documents completion of required tasks. 


Our fiduciary compliance solution includes 20 modules of comprehensive fiduciary training for plan trustees, identifies your plan’s fiduciary responsibilities and how to implement prudent processes.  Our annual document audits and checklists demonstrate your plan’s fiduciary compliance in an organized, consistent and simplified manner for you.  We store your plan’s documents, processes, reports and meeting minutes in a secure, internet based, filing system. 

Receive your complimentary Fiduciary Compliance Assessment.

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