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Plan Design & Governance

Plan Management

Our comprehensive services address multiple aspects of plan governance in a thorough and efficient manner. You have a business to run and it isn't your company retirement plan. We help all aspects of your plan run well so you can focus on your business.​

  • How well is your plan operating according to ERISA's array of requirements and documentation needed annually? Who is your retirement pan's Named Fiduciary and how knowledgeable are they with ERISA? Do your current plan governance processes meet ERISA and DOL Highest standards?​

  •  If your current advisor mostly or only focuses on your investments, they are potentially leaving you exposed to the other 88% of your responsibilities as the plan sponsor.

Plan Management & Governance

Driven by robust technology, systems and services, 401k Extra advisors have a unique ability to help create successful retirement plan outcomes for plan sponsors and participants alike.

A plan's named fiduciary is accountable for all aspects of an organization's retirement plan. We help you with a formal delegation of daily administrative and investment responsibilities to a retirement plan committee.

We assist you with:

  • Board Resolution

  • Committee Member Acceptance

  • Committee Charter

  • IPS (Investment Policy Statements)

  • Quarterly Monitoring Reports

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Virtual Fiduciary File

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