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Retirement Plans

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Creating and designing the perfect retirement plan is di􀀃fficult. Building a program that attracts motivated, high-performing, loyal employees is hard. A plan that meets all legal and regulatory requirements, while being tailored to you and your business’ unique position is even more challenging. Like people, no two plans are the same. You deserve a customized solution, constructed to 􀀁t your company’s goals, not a one-size-fi􀀁ts-all program. A plan that is exclusively designed for you and your situation.

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Affiliations with RPAG gives us the technology and resources to work with a variety of plan types, sizes and industries.

Scale provides access to industry resources that other advisory firms may not offer. This allows us to dig deeper and negotiate services and fees.

With a highly credentialed and experienced staff, we deploy knowledge, creative thinking and industry experience to deliver value to our clients.

Our resources allow us to build proprietary tools and services to best address our client's needs.

We are not glorified report readers. We deliver services and solutions to increase ROI of your benefits program while striving to enhance retirement outcomes.

Our goal is to help businesses have employees that are as excited to jump out of bed on a Monday as they are on Friday

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Plan design assessments that strive to increase an employer’s benefit􀀁s return on investment (ROI) while striving to enhance participant outcomes

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Advanced risk-based suitability process to identify a target date fund series that is right for your plan

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An independent process to ensure

apple-to-apple comparisons, helping maximize a plan's negotiating leverage

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Comprehensive and ongoing fiduciary guidance, training and support to mitigate potential liabilities

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Proprietary fund ranking system that aims to enhance outcomes, manage risks and reduce fiduciary exposure

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Highly customized plan participant content structured to help optimize outcomes and increase financial wellness

  • We are driven by a deep passion to provide sponsors and participant’s successful retirement outcomes.

  • Our robust suite of institutional level strategic partners, skilled investment and ERISA experts, technology, systems and services allow us to serve all plan types and sizes.

  • Our team of 􀀁fiduciary experts are committed to serving sponsors and participant interests 􀀁rst, often resulting in better solutions for less money.

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