Retirement Plans

Our goal is to help businesses have employees that are as excited to jump out of bed on a Monday as they are on Friday

Creating and designing the perfect retirement plan is difficult. Building a program that attracts motivated, high-performing, loyal employees is hard. A plan that meets all legal and regulatory requirements, while being tailored to you and your business’ unique position is even more challenging. Like people, no two plans are the same. You deserve a customized solution, constructed to fit your own and the company’s goals, not a one-size-fits-all program. A plan that is exclusively designed for your situation.

Finding the solution that works best requires having a different perspective, one that can see the whole picture encompassing all facets of the business. That is where 401k Extra comes in. We are passionate about helping you, your company, and your employees reach their goals and accomplish them in a fun, efficient, and professional manner. Through our team’s experience and vision, along with the technology we bring, we will strive to take the headaches out of the process and help you build the best plan for you.