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What Makes 401k Extra Different

The best retirement plan is one that doesn’t get you into trouble and meets your financial goals. From anticipated contributions to innovative strategic plan design, the professionals at 401k Extra have the analytical tools and expertise to determine how to you make sure you and your employees can gain maximum benefit from your retirement plan package. While others say they’re different, we demonstrate daily to our clients “What Makes Us Different”.

Risk Reduction Analysis

We often see folks where personal goals are not aligned with their financial resources. Our Risk Reduction Analysis helps people evaluate options for reducing portfolio risks without sacrificing their personal goals.

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Income Stress Test

Not all income sources are built to support people's extended longevity and lifestyle.  Our Income Stress Test helps clients get a clear understanding of the quality and duration of their income strategies. 

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Benefit Gap Analysis

Are your benefits truly helping you attract and retain top talent and minimize the effects of the "Great Resignation"? Our Benefit Gap Analysis articulates opportunities you may not have explored in your company's benefit strategies that could improve your employee loyalty and satisfaction.

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Roth Conversion Review

Marginal tax rates are lower now than they historically have been and tax rates are expected to rise. Our Roth Conversion Review helps you understand whether a Roth conversion is right for you. 

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Plan Quality and Governance Audit

 Many employers rely on their Recordkeeper (RK) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) for retirement plan governance and overall plan quality, leaving a potential GAP in the Employer's total ERISA responsibilities. Our Plan Quality and Governance Audit helps Employers clearly understand how their plan can potentially improve their ROI (return on investment) for their plan benefit expenses, while potentially improving overall plan governance.

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Target Date Fund Suitability Review

Target Date Fund Suitability Review:  Do you have documented evidence showing that you complied with DOL Target Date Fund (TDF) tips and suggestions when you selected your current TDF solution? How well do your participant demographics and needs align with your current TDF's risk level and glide path? How much Misfit Risk are your participants exposed to and what is the cost of these risks?

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Legacy Letter

The most important letter you'll ever write and we'll help you every step of the way. Connect with your children on a deeper level, help them reach their potential, become an even better parent than you currently are! 

It's NOT about becoming a professional writer. It IS about communicating to YOUR children in YOUR voice for a lasting impact.

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