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Your Team

gillis f headshot 2019.jpg
Francis Gillis

Retirement Plan Specialist

T. 970-225-2001


gillis l headshot 2019.jpg
Lucas Gillis

Financial Advisor and 
Education Specialist 

T. 970-225-2001


Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Dynamic Wealth Advisors is a network of wealth managers throughout the U.S. with the focus of helping individuals and corporations achieve their personal and corporate goals in a high quality, fiduciary manner.   By putting the client’s interests first, Dynamic Wealth and its advisors are able to objectively listen to each client’s unique needs and circumstances before developing strategies and solutions. 


Dynamic Wealth Advisors provides a variety of support and services to help wealth managers serve their clients needs.  Dynamic may provide administrative support, compliance, cyber security solutions, client facing technology and reporting, practice management support, operations assistance, investment research, trading support and many other services.

Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG)

RPAG is a consortium of retirement plan consultants throughout the U.S. focused on providing high quality plan solutions at competitive prices.  As of the end of 2019, RPAG and affiliates represented over $600 billion in assets under influence, serving over 60,000 retirement plans and over 5 mm participants.   Our buying power allows us to bring solutions to sponsors and participants that most competitors are not able to accomplish. 


Our elite team of ERISA retirement plan specialists is made up of former practicing ERISA attorneys, fiduciary experts, advanced plan consultants, seasoned investment professionals and portfolio managers, compliance experts and dedicated technical and support staff.  Our expansive suit of technology is robust, comprehensive, and ever evolving to meet your expanding needs.   Literally, there is no plan to big or too small for us to service and help improve. 

The What and Why

Our focus is to help people overcome their financial stresses so they can focus on their dreams and the life they want to live.   


We strive to help employers create a culture that inspires employees to be as motivated to jump out of bed on Monday as they are on Friday.  


We are passionate about helping others improve their financial well-being and achieve their goals in life.  Our priority is to foster a people-centric work environment and culture that encourages a well-balanced life for clients and employees  alike.   

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