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You are our top priority and we are your co-pilot to financial success.  We genuinely care about our clients and families as well as our employees and their families.  We strive to build lifelong relationships with clients, and we’ve been helping companies and individuals for over 34 years.

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Building a program that attracts motivated, high-performing, loyal employees is hard.That is where 401k Extra comes in. 

Complete 401k

Retirement Solution

401k Extra provides companies large and small with the market's most comprehensive retirement program. 



Whether you want to consider a holistic approach or focus on specific goals, 401k EXTRA is committed to serving your best interest first.

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The What and The Why

Our focus is to help people overcome their financial stresses so they can focus on their dreams and the life they want to live.   


We strive to help employers create a culture that inspires employees to be as motivated to jump out of bed on Monday as they are on Friday.  


We are passionate about helping others improve their financial well-being and achieve their goals in life.  Our priority is to foster a people-centric work environment and culture that encourages a well-balanced life for clients and employees  alike.   

Helping people be as excited to come to work on Mondays as they are on Fridays!

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