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Do you have questions about the Colorado Secure Savings Program?

Please contact us today and one of our financial professionals can help you evaluate the options and make the best decision for your business and employees.

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Our Services

State Mandated or Freedom of Choice?


The mandated Colorado Secure Savings plan will be here before you know it.

As a small business owner, with five employees or more, have you thought about what retirement plan is best suited for you and your company?

Offering your own 401(k) retirement plan,
can present these opportunities:

  • Increased control and customization

  • Expert support from financial professionals

  • Less administrative work

  • Tax benefits and credits

  • Plan design flexibility

Deadlines are staggered based on the number of employees at a company.

— 50+ employees: March 15, 2023
— 15-49 employees: May 15, 2023
— 5-14 employees: June 30, 2023

Non-compliance will result in fines. 

Up to $100 per eligible employee per year, not to exceed an aggregate amount of $5,000 in a calendar year.

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401k Extra aims to provide the best tools that address all of your obstacles. We have provided a series of Flowcharts and Checklists to help you and your employees gain maximum benefit from your retirement plan package.

Flowcharts &

401k Extra- Colorado 401k Advisors

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