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Retirement Plan Services from 401k Extra


Friendly services focused on meeting company goals and empowering employees to save confidently.

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Fiduciary Support & Training 

We have served our clients with fiduciary best practices for over 36 years. Even before it was required by law, we knew that putting our client's interests before our own was the right thing to do. Our experts can accept fiduciary status as
a 3(21) Investment Advisor and/or 3(38) Discretionary Investment Manager.

As your retirement plan partner,
we provide fiduciary training
and can help you implement
a prudent process for
managing your responsibilities
as a plan fiduciary.

Measuring 401k Plan Success

401k Extra utilizes industry-leading tools to implement effective processes and help you manage a compliant plan. 

401k Extra Plan Governance & compliance wheel

Plan Governance & Compliance 

  • Proactively remedy potential red flags

  • Streamline plan administration 
  • Align goals & processes with plan documents
  • Confirm & document proper roles
  • Ongoing fiduciary training & education 
  • Secure document storage
  • ERISA Support Team 

We can help you measure the health of your retirement plan and uncover potential opportunities.  

Employee Education

By partnering with 401k Extra, your employees will have access to specialized 401k advisors and financial education. Offering holistic education and financial benefits can help reduce employee financial stress. This has a big impact on turnover, productivity, company culture, and a healthier bottom line. 

Financial Wellness & Employee Education Programs Work

Employers say financial wellness & employee education programs:*









*Bank of America. "Navigating a New Era of Financial Wellness." Jul. 2022.

Plan Design Consulting  

Retirement plan design is not a one size fits all solution. That is why we start with a goals analysis to understand what you would like your plan to accomplish.

Many Colorado business leaders are looking for a plan that can help:  

  • Maximize owner contributions

  • Reduce corporate taxes

  • Recruit, retain & reward employees 

  • Improve retirement savings 

  • Satisfy testing requirements 

  • Reduce administrative headaches

401k Extra plan design

Investment Strategy

Our team of experienced financial professionals are meticulous when it comes to investment oversight. We have a rigorous selection, tracking, and replacement process for investments. This enables you to compare the performance, features, behavior, and general suitability of each investment as a possibility for your plan.

Men at work


Our process helps guide investment decisions and strives to protect the investment committee.


This includes the development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which will serve as a road map for selecting and monitoring plan investments.

Financial Report


We assist you in selecting a competitive list of investments that align with the needs of your employees.


These investments may include index funds, mutual funds, collective investment trusts, managed accounts, target date funds, and other options.



As we periodically review your fund offerings, we will benchmark investment performance and expenses.


Monitoring with the goal of ensuring investments remain consistent with plan objectives and IPS criteria is a critical part of the process.

Plan & Vendor Benchmarking

In order to keep your plan running smoothly, you rely on the support of service providers. However, not all providers are created equal. We help our clients evaluate their current service providers, the tools and technology they offer, and the value they bring.

Our fee benchmarking and provider search can enhance your plan and experience by comparing over 400 data points in key areas that include:

  • Recordkeeping services

  • Plan compliance

  • Investment platform flexibility

  • Employee education services

  • Technology

  • Costs & fees

Get a complimentary vendor benchmarking analysis to learn if your plan is competitive. 

401k Extra 401k Services Fee benchmarking
Complete 401k Group Plan-PEP

Complete 401k

401k Extra PEP Logo - Complete 401k

Complete 401(k) is an innovative plan solution designed to allow businesses of all sizes to offer a high-quality and cost-effective retirement plan with fewer administrative burdens. 

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